28 July 2016

    Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District, and Chair of the Organising Committee for the Eastern Economic Forum Yury Trutnev met journalists as part of a media tour, according to Russian news agency TASS.

    The media tour for journalists from China, Japan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong kicked off in Vladivostok on 28 July. At the meeting with Mr Trutnev, journalists asked about Russo-Chinese cooperation and the prospects for simplified visa and customs regulations in the Russian Far East. They also focused on preparations for the Eastern Economic Forum, which is scheduled to take place in Vladivostok on 2–3 September 2016.

    Mr Trutnev talked to journalists about the main projects to be discussed at the Eastern Economic Forum. One of these will be the creation of an Asian energy ring uniting Russia, Japan, China, South Korea, and Mongolia.

    “Russia will ultimately be able to supply electricity to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region as well. A working group dedicated to this project has been established within the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East. Concrete initiatives will be presented at the Eastern Economic Forum”, said Mr Trutnev.

    The Forum will also feature the first projects from the joint Russo-Chinese Agricultural Development Fund in the Russian Far East. According to a document signed in April 2016, the Fund’s capital holdings amount to USD 10 billion, or RUB 13 billion for the first stage. Notably, Chinese investors will supply 90% of the capital, while Russian investors will provide the remaining 10%.

    According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the creation of the Fund will provide Russia with the resources for new investment projects and enable China to grow environmentally friendly food.

    In addition, Mr Trutnev told journalists about the Voskhod investment system, which is slated to become an important mechanism for attracting investment to the Russian Far East. The first deals under the new investment platform are expected to be signed at the Eastern Economic Forum.