21 April 2016

    The main concept for the second Eastern Economic Forum was set out during a meeting of the Council under the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy Yury Trutnev, attended by heads of federal subjects covering Russia’s Far East, Primorskaya Gazeta reports.

    Answering journalists’ questions as part of the Council’s proceedings, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy Yury Trutnev said that investment remains the key focal point of the EEF, with the demonstration of concrete achievements now a central task: “Many changes have taken place over the past year. The total volume of declared investments in Russia’s Far East has exceeded RUB 1 trillion. This is a significant result for our efforts. More than 100 enterprises are currently under construction, with over 20 already completed this year. This is a very high rate of development. Work is being done on a major scale, and we need to show people what is taking place. We must demonstrate that the development of the Far East is not merely a task set by the President or a dream, but a reality, and one which is currently being accomplished. We will show which production facilities have been built and what kind of work is being done by development institutes across Russia’s Far East.”

    Vladimir Miklushevsky, Governor of Primorsky Territory, has reported that his region is ready to show off its achievements: “We will see not merely the signing of agreements, but real projects which we will be able to show to investors and the President alike. In this regard, Primorsky Territory really does have something to present.”

    Preparations for the Forum are now well underway: a regional organization headquarters has been set up, and a number of working groups have been created to cover a range of issues. Governor Miklushevsky is personally leading four working groups, responsible for infrastructure, transport, volunteers and accommodation for EEF participants and guests.