02 September 2016

    The Platu 25-Class Sailing Yacht Regatta took place on September 2–3 on the waterfront of Ajax Bay as part of the EEF sports programme.

    The regatta was held in eight races each of which lasted 40–45 minutes. The company SAP was responsible for measurements as part of the competitions. “During the race, 110 vessel manoeuvres were analysed over the 535 miles they travelled. The sensors on the boats recorded and processed more than 50,000 wind changes over the course of the regatta”, SAP Director for CIS Countries Pavel Gontarev said.

    The race participants included 14 crews of five individuals and one female crew consisting of six individuals. The crews only featured professional athletes. Crews from the Primorye Territory and a Rosatom crew from St. Petersburg took part in the races.

    The athletes not only had to secure accreditation for themselves, but for their boats as well to take part in the forum event. The award ceremony took place on a stage at the Far East Street festival.

    The winner of the EEF Regatta was the Crew C yacht (Captain Nikita Stralsky). The Pink Floyd yacht (Captain Yekaterina Chashchenko) took second place and the Depeche Mode yacht (Captain Valery Dyachenko) came in third.

    The musical group titles are given to yachts based on the tradition of the Seven Foot Yacht Club, which made a huge contribution to holding the event (Club Director Mikhail Yermakov).

    All the events at which Roscongress is the operator (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Eastern Economic Forum and a forum that is to be held in Sochi in a month) take place next to a sea. “It became clear to us that it would be good to have a regatta at each forum in order to boost interest. We made our first attempt in St. Petersburg this year and a few factors seriously hindered us. Here we pulled it off with the help of SAP in Vladivostok”, Roscongress Foundation Director Igor Pavlov said.

    The regatta was broadcasted over the internet, including on screens in the business zone.

    “Many people came to the waterfront even though the weather was not ideal. We are confident that this made a good, positive and energetic contribution to the overall atmosphere at the forum. There is a view of the waterfront directly from the windows. It’s absolutely beautiful, particularly since the campus is located right in front of the bay, and from the windows the yachts are circling around at a purely sporting pace. Of course, in the future we plan to hold a Cup”, Pavlov said sharing his impressions of the event.