11 August 2016

    The best projects will be presented at the Eastern Economic Forum, according to a press release by the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East.

    The competition was held to identify and roll out the best ideas and solutions for using the land plots provided for use under the Far Eastern Hectare programme. In selecting the winners, account was taken of the relevance and possibility of implementing the idea in the Far East, how thoroughly the project had been developed, whether the results were realistic, the prospects for further developing the project, its creativeness, novelty and originality.

    The five winners of the competition will travel to Vladivostok, where they will be able to present their projects to the Eastern Economic Forum guests within the scope of a discussion on the Far Eastern Hectare.

    The Solar Megawatt project, one of the winners, proposes a means for obtaining electricity that is both relevant for the region and environmentally friendly: using solar power, and production of other output on the hectare’ alongside a solar power plant.

    A project for setting up bee hives is distinguished by how well thought through it is in terms of economic feasibility. Rapid returns and the calculations presented by the project’s author might act as an incentive to other people. The experts particularly noted how easy this project would be to roll out.

    All the winning projects have a high potential for being realised.

    “Today, ethnographic tourism projects are being developed in almost every region of Russia. In this connection and in consideration of the Far East’s potential for retaining and popularising the culture of the small indigenous peoples of the North and Far East, the project for an ethnic village on the Far Eastern Hectare seems very relevant”, competition winner Elena Kanakova spoke about her project.

    There were 500 submissions for the competition, including about 30% for plant growing and 20% for production of foodstuffs. In addition, some related to such spheres as social services, tourism and the like.

    “Even after submissions were closed, we continued to receive projects; people are ready to share their ideas, offering them for use and roll-out. In this connection, we decided to make this a running competition. We will be able to announce the beginning of the next stage at the Eastern Economic Forum”, Agency head Valentin Timakov stated.