12 May 2016

    The Far East Development Corporation and Khabarovsk Region Development Corporation have signed a founding agreement to establish the subsidiaries Komsomolsk Advanced Special Economic Zone Management Company and Khabarovsk Advanced Special Economic Zone Management Company, the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East said in a press release.

    Two subsidiaries of the Far East Development Corporation will work in the Khabarovsk Region. According to Russian Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East Alexander Galushka, the signing of this document will formalize the organizational model for the Corporation’s work in the region: “It’s important for us that the Corporation be located in close proximity to entrepreneurs. The goal is to have online communication with any investor, both those who are here and potential investors. The Corporation should be wherever investors are. Business must have a counterpart who can help, lend a shoulder and assist in implementing an investment project. For the region this all means the construction of new enterprises and tax revenue for all levels of the budget. For the actual residents this means new jobs and a good salary. And, in general, this is an opportunity to address social issues and develop our Far East and Khabarovsk Region.”

    The primary goal of the Corporation’s new branches is to establish comfortable working conditions for residents of advanced special economic zones and to supervise the construction of the necessary infrastructure. In addition, establishing interaction with the Corporation’s subsidiaries will enable investors to avoid dependence on time zones and productively organize their work in the region.