01 July 2016

    The rating is drawn up by the Analytical Centre for the Government of the Russian Federation in conjunction with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, according to the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East press service.

    The rating of regions in terms of promoting development of competition in 2015 placed the Khabarovsk Region in 3rd place, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in 17th and the Jewish Autonomous Region in 19th.

    The rating assesses the quality of the regional management teams in facilitating development of competition and the intensity of the work performed in this direction.

    The main factor in drawing up the rating was the work carried out by the regional authorities in introducing the Competition Development Standard. A large part of the requirements of the Standard has been introduced in all regions of the Far Eastern Federal District and it has been introduced in full in the Khabarovsk Region, which, in 2014, was one of Russia’s six pilot regions for implementing the Standard.

    The monitoring work performed in the Jewish Autonomous Region in identifying administrative barriers and assessing the state of competition between commercial entities was judged one of the best practices.