01 June 2016

    Today, 1 June, the law for Russian citizens to have one hectare allocated for their free use in the Far East for 5 years has taken effect. For now, land plots will be provided in nine “pilot” municipalities of the Region. General Director of the Agency for Human Capital Development of the Far Eastern Federal District Valentin Timakov highlighted the procedure for claiming a land plot.

    In view of numerous questions coming from people wishing for a hectare of land in Russia’s Far East, the Head of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital commented on the application procedure. “Each person who decides they would like a land plot may do so independently. The Federal Information System надальнийвосток.рф gives absolutely equal opportunities to all. All you need to do is to go to надальнийвосток.рф, choose a land parcel and fill out your application. This is an easy-to-use online service making the entire procedure fast and accessible. You’ll be able to apply for your hectare of land without leaving your home!” – elucidated Mr. Timakov.


    As regards the land use options, Russian citizens are not limited here: the land may be used for building a private home or for doing business. If, during five years, this hectare is used in accordance with the purpose designated in the application, this person will be able to formalise freehold in perpetuity.

    Governor of Primorye Vladimir Miklushevsky said that his Region was fully ready for handing out land parcels in the pilot municipality: Khankaisky District. Even so, the authorities will provide infrastructure only for densely populated territories of the “Far East hectares”. “The law anticipates construction of infrastructure for land parcels combined into cooperatives. This is where the local government will lead roads and other requisite utility lines”, the Governor underlined.

    Mr. Miklushevsky also stated that he would report on the first results of the land handout in Primorye at the Eastern Economic Forum, to be held in Vladivostok on 2–3 September 2016.

    Member of the Federation Council Rostislav Goldshtein had many positive things to say about the “Far East hectare” law: “The Far East hectare law is a whiff of fresh air for both the economy and residents. It is capable of improving living standards in Russia’s Far East dramatically and, as a result, ensuring an inflow of fresh blood into the Far East and boosting development of business and the entire region.”

    In addition, he noted the advantages of the land allocation process. “I’d like to mention specifically the appropriateness and transparency of the land handout procedure for citizens enshrined in this law: people will be able to choose their plot of land and carry out there any activities that do not contravene Russian law. The whole thing could be different if people were deprived of the right to choose land and this mission was trusted to officials. Many of the latter would definitely rejoice at such a turn of affairs. Fortunately, this did not happen”, Goldshtein concluded.

    Starting 1 October 2016, all residents of Russia’s Far East will be able to get one hectare of land there and, from 1 February 2017, this opportunity will be granted to all other citizens of Russia.