27 June 2016

    The press service of the Permanent Representative Office of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in Moscow has announced that a meeting dedicated to implementation of the Tarynsky Comprehensive Project had taken place.

    The Tarynsky Comprehensive Project (TKT) envisages development of gold deposits at the Tarynskoe Ore Field in the Oymyakon District, complete with establishment of the necessary energy and transport infrastructure and a refractory ore concentrate processing centre.

    According to the plan, the project will bring energy and transport infrastructure to the villages of Oymyakon, Tomtor, Kuydysun, Orto Balagan and Yuchugei, with a total population of 2,500. In addition, it will help reduce diesel fuel consumption at AO Sakhaenergo Diesel Power Plant by 1,697 tonnes and cut annual costs of operating local power facilities by RUB 233 million.

    Participants in the meeting agreed to join efforts to implement the Tarynsky Comprehensive Project. AO Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Development Corporation, OAO Vysochaishy and OOO Boguslavets expressed their intention to sign an investment partnership agreement for implementing the TKT.

    The meeting focused on coordinating the positions of TKT stakeholders regarding the parameters and conditions for creating the external infrastructure for gold deposits at the Tarynskoe Ore Field, given the centralized power supply to the communities in the south of the Republic of Sakha’s Oymyakon District.

    The meeting resolved to present the project at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok on 2–3 September 2016.

    Nine companies are conducting extraction operations at the Tarynskoe Ore Field, including six that produce gold from ore deposits (ZAO GRK Zapadnaya, OAO Sarylakh Surma, OOO Boguslavets, OOO GeoSakha, ZAO Tarynskaya Gold Ore Company, and ZAO SakhaGoldMining) and three more that extract gold from placers (OOO Litos, OOO Sayilyk, and OOO Tastyn).