08 April 2016

    The Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Russian Far East, with the support of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Eastern Vector, has announced the launch of a new regional development competition called ‘Far Eastern Hectare’.

    According to the official press release issued by the Ministry, the main aim of the contest is to select the most interesting and potentially productive ideas on how to use plots of land in the Russian Far East. Anyone over the age of 11 may take part in the competition, which is also open to commercial and non-commercial organizations registered in the Russian Federation. Minimal requirements have been set for the presentation of ideas so as not to limit the creativity of those proposing them.

    Sergey Gabestro, the Deputy Chair of the Ministry’s Commission on Public-Private Partnership, noted: “Activists and citizens have repeatedly told us that the ideas and the will to do something are there, but the problem is that they have no land and no possibility of obtaining it. With the adoption of the law on the ‘Far Eastern Hectare’, this problem is resolved. We now have a simple and effective tool to enable people to acquire land, giving them a new degree of freedom. As part of the contest, we are planning to collect and share the best ideas, supporting those with most promise.”

    The draft ‘Far Eastern Hectare’ law was developed at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin following the 2015 Eastern Economic Forum. According to its provisions, every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to free use of a plot of land in the Russian Far East up to one hectare in area. On condition that the citizen makes use of their plot, after five years they will be entitled to lease or buy their allotted plot.

    The competition rules as well as the forms for participants have been published on the website of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Russian Far East. Competition entries should be sent to idea@hcfe.ru.