06 July 2016

    The Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Russian Far East has updated its ‘Career Navigator’ for 2016–2021 in the Russian Far East.
    According to an analysis of the labour market, roughly 80,000 new jobs are set to be created in the Far Eastern Federal District by 2021, reports a press release from the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East.

    “The Navigator is a dynamic tool for analysing changes in the labour market in the Russian Far East. We first launched it in April. The brochure has been downloaded from the agency’s website approximately 5,000 times. This shows the demand for our analytical data,” said the agency’s General Director, Valentin Timakov.

    With the economy in the Russian Far East growing rapidly, employment in a number of industries in the region is expected to show a significant increase by 2021, namely in the chemical sector (43%), oil and gas extraction (31%), shipbuilding and ship repair (31%), coal and peat extraction (28%), agriculture (11%), construction (9%), fishing and aquaculture (9%), food production (9%), etc. By 2021, 27,200 jobs will be created at enterprises in advanced special economic zones, including over 20,000 at the Vladivostok Free Port.

    The Navigator lists the professions and competencies most in demand in 2016–2017 by category. In the administrative and management personnel category, the professions most in demand are: technical director, executive director, commercial director, fishing vessel captain, industry project manager, and shift manager. For professionals and office workers, the professions most in demand are: industrial engineer, design engineer, mining engineer, logistics specialist, construction engineer, planning engineer, programmer (IT specialist), and process unit operator. The professions most in demand in the operational and service personnel category are: electric and gas welder, general machine operator, equipment servicing and repair technician, electrician, mine worker, driver, mechanic, master fisherman (trawlmaster), mineral processor, etc.

    “The Navigator of the most in-demand professions may be useful to those who are now facing a choice of where to go to work or study, and how to build their career. It is important to understand from the start which industries are going to grow, what kind of companies near you are going to operate and create new jobs, and where you can train for a particular speciality,” Timakov said.