24 May 2016

    The Russian Far East Development Corporation has signed agreements with five companies to grant them residency at Free Port of Vladivostok. Based on their applications, the five organizations are planning to invest a total of RUB 1.5 billion in Primorsky Region and create more than 300 new jobs.

    The new residents include manufacturers of civil ships, buses, and a logistics company.

    OOO Transline will invest RUB 1.067 billion in a project to create an industrial facility assembling Yutong buses. The factory will be located in Artyom.

    Alexander Mamonov, CEO at Composite Shipbuilding, said that his company focused on the construction of civil ships and promotion of the travel industry: “The company will be building various types of civil ships – fishing boats, research vessels, passenger-and-freight ferries, pleasure boats, high-speed cruise ships and floating restaurants. The project will contribute to the development of the travel industry and facilitate the federal import substitution programme. We are planning to create high-speed twin-hull boats using exclusively Russian solutions.”

    Two logistics companies are planning to establish warehouse complexes at Free Port of Vladivostok.

    A multi-use warehouse facility with a total area of 4,370 square metres will be built by Leader by the end of 2017. The project is worth an estimated RUB 18 million. DKP Logistic will build a 6,000-square-metre warehousing facility with freezing rooms.

    Furthermore, SoyuzGaz plans to build a terminal in Nakhodka to transfer LPG from rail tanks to tank containers.