31 August 2016

    On the eve of the Eastern Economic Forum, a press briefing titled ‘the FEFU as EEF venue’ has been held with Vladimir Nikolaev, First Vice-Rector of the Far Eastern Federal University.

    It is the second year running that the host venue for the East Economic Forum will be the FEFU, which also acts as an event partner for the Forum. Together, these two major projects form part of the state development strategy for the Russian Far East and for Russia’s integration into the Asia-Pacific region. Nikolaev stated that participation in the EEF is very important for the university in terms of market positioning within the Asia-Pacific region and developing cooperation with major Russian and foreign corporations, business communities, leading universities, and research organizations.

    “As a result of hosting such a major event, the university is now in the process of building a new educational environment. The Asia-Pacific region is characterized by high demand for education, and therefore we are striving to keep our standards high so as to meet the top requirements,” Vladimir Nikolaev said.

    According to the First Vice-Rector, as part of the Forum the FEFU will showcase a number of research laboratories, as well as scientific and educational centres which may be of interest to business. Among these, the university’s state-of-the-art nanotechnology centre, medical centre, and climatic research laboratory deserve special mention.

    “The university will participate in two conferences to be held as part of the Eastern Economic Forum: the Russia–ASEAN University Forum and the APEC Educational Conference. Furthermore, FEFU speakers will participate in three Forum sections, and 150 top FEFU graduate students will attend EEF events,” the Vice-Rector remarked.

    To ensure a comfortable environment for Forum guests and participants, extensive modernization works have been carried out on the campus infrastructure in preparation for the event. As a result, conditions for university students and lecturers have improved significantly.

    According to Nikolaev, 3,440 persons will be accommodated at the FEFU campus all in all, including delegates, journalists, participants in the Forum’s cultural and sports programmes, support personnel, and security staff.

    “The FEFU campus is now ready to open its doors to guests,” the Vice-Rector stated.

    The Eastern Economic Forum will take place in Vladivostok on 2–3 September 2016. The Forum will be held at the Far Eastern Federal University campus.