02 September 2016

    Ata key session held on September 2, as part of the EEF, the possibilities of the Far East were discussed in relation to forming a programme for sport and sport infrastructure development in the run-up to the third Olympic Games in the Asia Pacific region, in 2018–2022.

    Georgy Bryusov, Deputy Director of Roscongress Foundation, welcomed the Forum participants on behalf of the organizer, the Roscongress Foundation. According to him, “the EEF has acquired a strong sports response.” Sports programmes and events have become the business card of congresses and forums held by Roscongress. On “zero” day of the EEF, Alexander Karelin, three-times Olympic Champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, gave a master class to Vladivostok pupils. On the morning, of September 2, over 700 people joined a charitable run in support and protection of tigers and Far Eastern leopards. The initiative for this came from Sergey Ivanov, Special Presidential Representative for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport. The runners included famous sportsmen, representatives of business and the political elite. It is gratifying that all the participants completed the five kilometre run.

    Mr Bryusov went on to note that, following the Games in Rio, in the run-up to the third Olympiad 2018–2022, the focus of world sport has shifted to the APR. This is a tremendous opportunity for the Far East region to form a platform thanks to which “we can arrive at these three Olympiads not only prepared for high sporting achievements, but also with a renewed, modern sport infrastructure.”

    Alexander Karelin, three-times Olympic Champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, believes that the Far East region neighbouring on the countries hosting the Olympics provides a unique chance. He is convinced that not only Russian sportsmen will prepare for the Games in the Far East, but foreign teams will also express a wish to train their sportsmen in a region with analogous climatic, natural and landscape conditions and in the same time zone. He proposed beginning training for the Games and creating the conditions on the basis, for example, of the School of Arts, Culture and Sports at the Far East Federal University.

    Yuri Tikhomirov, General Director, FGUP Directorate of the programme for Development of Physical Culture and Sport, talked about the history of sport in our country and presented at the Forum the book “Russia’s Sporting Image”. Mr Tikhomirov announced that a Federal Target Programme had been adopted “Development of physical culture and sport in the Federation for 2016–2020”, which envisages holding competitions and is orientated on raising resources and investments in developing the sports infrastructure.

    Anton Zaitsev, Minister for Sport and Youth Policy of the Sakhalin Region, spoke about the region’s initiatives and gave a presentation of the project “Mountain Air”, which is unique in the Far East. The project for a mountain skiing complex has been declared within the composition of the Sakhalin PDA. Its implementation will bring in about RUB 16 bn (including 6.2 bn in private investments and 10 bn from the regional budget), create 725 new jobs and increase the number of tourists ten-fold.

    Grigory Smolyak, Director of the Department for development of human capital, territorial and socio-economic development of the regions of the Far East, under the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Development of the Far East, produced the following statistics: 2016 has seen a significant slow-down in the outflow of people from the Far East – six-fold compared to last year. This indicates that people have come to believe the authorities and are hoping for a better economic situation in the region.

    Mr Smolyak is convinced that, with the shift of the sport centre of gravity to the APR, the sports infrastructure of the Far East will be in particular demand.