02 August 2016

    The EEF will take place in Vladivostok on September 2–3, 2016.

    Organisers have noted a strong interest in the Eastern Economic Forum. More than 3,000 participants will attend the EEF this year. The delegations from Japan and the Republic of Korea are expected to be led by their respective national leaders. Representatives from China, India, Vietnam and Australia, as well as companies from the US, Singapore and other countries, are expected to attend. Invitations have been extended to 47 heads of diplomatic missions and 36 government ministers.

    The Forum will be held under the motto ”Opening up the Russian Far East”. The EEF business programme includes three main sections. The Opportunities for Investors section will present the investment potential and conditions for doing business in the Far East. The Incentives for Investors venues will host discussions in implementing new mechanisms for the region’s economic development. The third section, Developing the Russian Far East – Advantages and New Opportunities for the Asia-Pacific Region, will be dedicated to the competitive position of Russia’s Far East and raising foreign investment.

    The Forum will include Russia–China, Russia–Republic of Korea and Russia–ASEAN business roundtables, as well as a Russian-Japanese Forum.

    The Forum will host presentations of the first projects funded by the joint Russian-Chinese agroindustrial foundation, the outlook for the Primorye-1 and Primorye-2 international transport corridors and the Asian Energy Ring, as well as of the new Voskhod investment platform.

    A packed cultural programme has been arranged for the participants. One of the main events will be the Streets of the Far East festival showcasing the unique features and achievements of the Far East’s nine regions. EEF guests will be able to attend concerts and theatre performances at the Maritime Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre, the regional philharmonic and the Maritime Drama Theatre. Participants will be invited on tours of the Maritime Oceanarium, the Regional Art Gallery, the Arsenyev Museum and the Primorye integrated entertainment and resort area. Sports events, headlined by a regatta of small sailboats in Ayax Bay, take a special place in the programme. Also, a run is scheduled to benefit protection of the Far Eastern Leopard and the Amur Tiger.