16 August 2016

    The participants in the Second Eastern Economic Forum to be held in Vladivostok on September 2–3, 2016 will be treated to an intensive cultural, sporting and tour programme, along with the tight business schedule.

    The Forum’s cultural programme will open on September 1 with the Far East Street Festival where the unique specifics of the Far Eastern regions will be presented, to disclose their cultural and economic potential. As part of the Forum, the Year of Russian Films exposition, a concert venue, fish market, waterfall show and a unique photo exposition of the regions will be open throughout the Forum. The Republic of Crimea will be a special guest of the Forum.

    A gala reception on behalf of the Governor of the Primorsky Region, to be held immediately after the opening ceremony of the Festival on the embankment of Ajax Bay, will allow the participants in EEF 2016 to socialise informally in a comfortable, gala atmosphere.

    Every day of the Forum will see the repertoire of the Primorsky stage of Mariinsky Theatre, the regional philharmonic and Primorsky Drama Theatre. The EEF cultural programme will include a charity event: Herculian Symphony for alumni of the “Ocean” All-Russia Children’s Centre, with participation by opera and ballet soloists from the Mariinsky Theatre.

    The Forum participants will also be able to join a tour of the Primorsky oceanarium after its official opening, as well as sightseeing tours of Vladivostok.

    A multitude of sporting events and tournaments are planned during the Eastern Economic Forum. In particular, a charity 1 km and 5 km race for protection of rare animal species of Russia’s Far East – the Amur tiger and Far Eastern leopard – will take place on Russky Island, on September 2.

    Far East corporate games will be held at Vladivostok sports facilities, including tennis and Ping Pong tournaments, chess, backgammon, drafts, darts and swimming events. Guests of the Forum will also be able to take part in morning fitness exercises, Wushu and Qigong recreational gymnastics conducted by the best trainers and instructors.

    For more detail about the EEF cultural programme, see the official website https://forumvostok.prolaststudio.com/en/cultural-programme/