25 July 2016

    The cooperation agreement will be signed at the Eastern Economic Forum, according to a Vladivostok daily news portal.

    Vice Governor of Primorsky Territory Sergey Nekhayev held talks with President of Chinese construction company Hongzheng Industrial Construction Si-Liang Zheng. An agreement was reached at the meeting to work together in Primorsky Territory.

    The Chinese company would like to prioritise construction of housing and office space. They believe that comfortable living conditions are achieved not only through an increase in residential housing, but also through improved road and utilities infrastructure.

    “We can expect to see an increased population in the Russian Far East, in view of the advanced special economic zones, the Free Port of Vladivostok, and key events taking place here. This will push up demand for living space and an improved living environment for a higher number of people”, said Nekhayev.

    The Chinese company has expressed a desire to sign a cooperation agreement at the Eastern Economic Forum. The corporation will also consider a proposal to become a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok.

    “Our understanding is that this area will soon be populated by world-class experts who will need suitable homes and offices. We are ready to contribute to making this happen, employing the latest technologies”, said the CEO of Hongzheng Industrial Construction.