20 April 2016

    The Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Russian Far East in Vladivostok has unveiled its Far East Career Navigator for 2016–2021. The Navigator contains a catalogue of current and future vacancies in Advanced Special Economic Zones (ASEZs), at resident enterprises of the Vladivostok Free Port, and as part of investment projects taking place across the Russian Far East.

    The system currently hosts 80,000 job vacancies for the period to 2021, including 25,000 at ASEZ resident enterprises and 18,000 to be created at the Vladivostok Free Port. The list also includes vacancies in current and future investment projects across the region, as well as at various current employers, according to an official press release from the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East.

    Valentin Timakov, General Director of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Russian Far East, said: “This product may be of use to school pupils deciding what they want to be and where to study, people looking to move to the Far East, employers, employment centres, and educational organisations. The Navigator is a ‘living’ system to which we will constantly add new data and vacancies from employers.”

    The Navigator shows that the largest number of jobs set to be created in the Far Eastern Federal District in the near future will be in coal, peat, oil and gas extraction, transport and logistics, ship repairs, agribusiness and agriculture. The most valuable professional skills will be process cycle management, engineering, supply chain and warehouse management, programming, and technical education in general.

    During the presentation, it was revealed that, in creating the database for the programme, experts from the Agency analysed in detail the development of 25 economic sectors in the Russian Far East, collecting and summarising data on 495 investment projects, including those planned and being implemented in ASEZs and at the Vladivostok Free Port. In addition, a database of 590 professions has been created, displaying links between the professions and the educational institutions of the Russian Far East, where employees in these specialist areas are being trained.

    The Navigator can be viewed here: http://www.hcfe.ru/work-in-dfo/navigator/