26 January 2017

    Russia’s agency responsible for reviewing state projects, Glavgosekspertiza, has approved stage one of the project to construct a bridge across the Amur River linking Blagoveshchensk in Russia and Heihe in China, the agency said in a statement.

    “The total length of the two-lane approach road within the Blagoveshchensk Administrative District of Amur Region, together with the bridge across the Amur, will be 13.43 kilometres. The bridge itself will span more than a kilometre, with a rated speed limit of up to 120 kilometres per hour. Additional overpasses and other road facilities are also planned for the project”, the statement said.

    Construction of the bridge across the Amur River between Russia and China in Amur Region started at the end of last year. Preparations had been under way for more than 20 years. The new bridge border crossing, which will have a total length of 19.9 kilometres, is set to be commissioned in 2019.

    Russia is investing RUB 14 billion in the construction and China is contributing RUB 5.2 billion. Russian contractors will build the Russian portion (13.4 kilometres), with another 6.5 kilometres to be laid on Chinese territory.

    A joint Russian−Chinese venture was incorporated in Harbin in March 2016 to act as the bridge construction operator. The venture will deliver a turnkey solution.

    Source: https://ria.ru/east/20170126/1486543338.html (Russian)