05 July 2016

    The Russian Minister for Development of the Russian Far East spoke to participants at a Chinese–Russian media tour – The Chinese–Russian border: A border of peace and cooperation – in the run-up to the EEF, reports a press release from the Ministry.

    “Official delegations are important, but primarily we are inviting investors and we want to show recently created development mechanisms for the Far East at the Forum – Advanced Special Economic Zones, the Vladivostok Free Port, infrastructure support for investment projects, and co-financing with the Far East Development Fund. Early success stories will be presented. Investors who have come and begun to implement successful business projects in the Far East will be able to talk about their experiences and how these new mechanisms operate,” Alexander Galushka said.

    In the Minister’s view, the Forum will give fresh impetus to promotion of the Russian Far East, its new development mechanisms and efforts to attract investment.

    One of the themes of the EEF will be a continuation of the discussion of the ‘great Eurasian partnership’ and Eurasian integration mentioned by President Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

    “A strong delegation is expected to arrive from Japan. Captains of Japanese industry, as well as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, will be in attendance at the Forum. We expect a large delegation from China – official decision makers at the state level and Chinese investors. This was discussed during Vladimir Putin’s talks with Xi Jinping. There is great interest in the Forum coming from the Republic of Korea, and we expect the size of their delegation to reflect this interest. A host of other countries have announced delegations comprising members of government and business representatives. These are ASEAN countries. European investors are also expected to attend,” the Minister said.