01 July 2016

    Five thousand jobs will be created this year within the scope of implementing investment projects, the work of ASEZs and Free Port of Vladivostok, according to the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East.

    The Far East regions needs to attract, as fast as possible, specialists in hundreds of fields, many of them quite unique.

    “The Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East will recruit qualified specialists for ASEZ residents. First of all, people with a secondary specialized or technical education are needed,” the Agency’s head Valentin Timakov announced.

    Enterprises need, above all, specialists in logistics, fish industry, food industry and ship-building workers. The agro-industrial complex lacks agricultural technologist, agriculturalists, and vegetable growers. Technical specialists are needed for oil and gas refining projects.

    The first four enterprises are already operating in ASEZs of the Far East: a plastic container plant, a cement works, a centre for deep processing of timber and a bakery.

    The tax benefits and preferences offered help in the creation of new ASEZs. By the end of the year, another 20 enterprises will have emerged, for which the Agency will recruit 1,300 specialists.

    “More and more new ASEZ enterprises are transferring to the stage of construction and installation work. The Agency collaborates on a regular basis with business, receiving up-to-date data on employers’ personnel requirements. We are interested in people of the Far East being the first to get jobs, so we plan to reorganize the employment centres and propose modifications to the educational programmes to take into account the demand for specific specialists,” Valentin Timakov said.